Dr. Jagat Bandhu Medda

From the Desk of the President

Few Words

Dear Student,


The world has become immensely competitive at these early years of Twenty first century. The explosion of Information and Knowledge has made our job even more difficult. Large population growth and limited natural resources has compelled us to utilize modern tools and techniques of management and production, Communication, storage retrieval of information on one hand and conservation, control and measurement of natural resources on the other hand has become so important that we have no other way but to apply the theories of modern management for the optimum utilization of man, Material and Machine.

At this stage professionalism in every field of our activity is most important. Computers and other electronic gadgets are now being introduced in the industry and Service Sectors for improved productivity. 

In the recent past the concept of professional education has made a paradigm shift in its curricular structure and infrastructure. At the Burdwan Institute of Management and Computer Science (BIMS), it will be our Endeavour to take care of all these points. It is necessary to get efficient faculty for state of the art instruction, an able administrative set up with positive bent of mind and a very effective linkage with the industry and business houses.

 Under the circumstances, it is expected that the student of this Institute would get an environment, where their natural ability will be sharpened and they will be well accepted in the society.


Yours Sincerely,
(Dr. J. B. Medda)

Dr. Nandan Gupta

From the Desk of the Vice-President

Few Words

Dear Student,

Time and Tide waits for none! BIMS began with the beginning of the 21st Century, with a specific “Mission” & “Vision”. Within a short span of four years the Institute has bagged a few achievements but that doesn’t mean that our job is over, our efforts for improvement will be never ending. We are into a new academic year. Like every year, this year too has many things in store for us.
BIMS is committed to facilitating and enhancing the global competitiveness of organizations through leaders, entrepreneurs and managers equipped with state-of-the-art teaching aids and labs, fully equipped library of references and other facilities. So the students get access to a truly modern environment both inside and outside the class room. In the courses like Biotechnology and Biochemistry our college is pioneer in West Bengal.
The Institute is oriented towards the promotion of corporate growth, based on innovation and entrepreneurship in harmony with national economic planning objectives, aiming at a sustainable and ethically acceptable growth rate. The Institute shall strive to be the leader among other management and computer institutions, impacting organizations and society through innovative excellence, in a disciplined environment to uphold high standards of academic life thus instilling pride in its stakeholders.
Thus it aims at Generating, acquiring, assimilating and exchanging management know-how in and from, the global community. Practicing the culture of trust, fairness, tolerance and positive orientation. Furthering creativity and pursuit of quality in all endeavors and accomplishment. An education that confines itself to imparting knowledge is no education. Try not to become a man of success only, but try to become a man of value.
There are some ways, which if you adopt will bring you success and fortune together. Take calculated risk, turn problems into opportunities, knowing when to back off, use persistence with creativity and reach out to people. At the same time one should follow the simple ethics of life; be static in talking, be electric in action, be substantial in character, be effervescent in your approach, above all be true to yourself then automatically you will be magnetic in your personality.
Our planning is to start of with Master degree courses in physiotherapy and other subjects from the next session. In the days to come we are getting prepared for starting Dental college and Nurses Training College. So we should look forward to the days to come and hope for the best.

Yours Sincerely,
(Dr. Nandan Gupta)

Mr. Achintya Mondal
From the Desk of the Secretary

Few Words

Dear Student,

At the out-set, let me take the privilege of introducing to you one of the reliable Institutions for higher studies in Business Management, Computer Science, Bio-Technology and Information Technology.

This Institute with a distinct difference in quality from other ones is running the courses with honesty and reputation under the bonafide affiliation, guidance and instructions of the University of Burdwan.

The Burdwan Institute of Management and Computer Science (BIMS) has already created a tremendous impact on the academic surroundings within a very short span of time and is located at Katwa Road, Burdwan just one Km. from Burdwan Railway Station.

It is sincerely imparting education in the professional as well as job oriented degree programmes which help the present youth a lot to build up their future career in these days of keen competitions in the field of employment.

In order to cater to the need of the Society, from 2001-02 session, one 3 Yr. degree course-B.Sc in Information Technology and Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) 41/2 yrs degree course and 2 yrs Condensed course (in joint venture with University of Burdwan) were introduced. Similarly one 3 Yr. degree course in B.Sc Bio-Technology was introduced from 2002- 03 session. We hope to have Masters Degree courses started from the coming academic sessions.

Now let me congratulate you on your choice of career, be it Business Management, IT Computer Science or Bio-Technology etc., I can assure you here a smooth progress of theoretical and practical studies with an appropriate as well as befitting ease and comfort clubbed with desired degree of serious and service-giving attitude.

On behalf of this unique Institute, it remains our endeavour to see all of you are ensured with a commendable career of life in the days to come,

Yours Sincerely,

Achintya Monda