10:30am to 5:00pm.
1: White Shirt
4 Nos.
2: Silver Gray Trousers
2 Nos
3: Grey tie
2 Nos
4: White socks
2 Nos
5: Black shoe (Formal)
1 Pair (with lace)
6:Silver Gray sweater/blazer

The duly completed application form supported with necessary certificates should reach the Teacher-in-charge/Principal of the college within the specified date. Incomplete applications will be automatically rejected.
The candidates who are allotted seats get themselves admitted to the college before the dates specified by paying the necessary fees. Those candidates who fail to join the college before the specified date will loose their admission....
Admission notice will be sent to selected candidates for a course and such candidates should immediately pay the fees and other charges. Failing which, the offer of admission will be cancelled and applicant's registration fees will be forfeited.
Student must be punctual in all respects such as attendance, submission assignments, etc.
All the students must come to college in clean and decent college uniform. Students without apron will not be permitted to the practical class.
Students must maintain strict discipline in the classroom, laboratories, library and in the college premises. If they violate the general code of discipline, they are liable to be punished or expelled from the college. Students will have to abide by the rules and regulations of the concerned authorities like University/Board etc, as well as college.
Students continuously absent two weeks or more without valid reasons, shall have their names struck off the rolls, and their parents will be notified.
Students may be expelled from the college/hostel on any of the following grounds: violation of rules, theft, ragging, abnormal behavior, use of intoxicating products, fighting vandalism, indiscipline etc, and shall forfeits their fees and deposit.
Use of Mobile Phones is strictly prohibited.